Fitness Motivation is Overrated

When was the last time you bought a new pair of athletic shoes? When was the last time you bought a new set of exercise outfit because you decided to once and for all start exercising and lose some pounds? When was the last time you looked on the mirror and said: “This is my year. I am not giving up this time.”

January came around and you started on the right foot, motivated, full of enthusiasm and a renewed attitude towards physical fitness and smart nutrition. First week gone and you did it! You exercised three times out of the week and you kept your sweet tooth at bay.

Here comes Week 2 and you stayed the course, the consistency remained. You congratulate yourself and decide to take a little reward and eat a well deserved ”cheat meal- this won’t hurt my two-week progress” you tell yourself. Week 3 comes in and Monday is hard to get out of bed, the weekend was a bit heavy and you need that extra sleep. One training session is missed and you feel that you deserve the break.

By Week 4 ”cheat meals” have become a bit more common with treats here and there at the office birthday celebration and an occasional donut surprise by a coworker. Your average training sessions by Week 5 have gone from 3 to 2 sessions per week with Mondays being the most repeated misses.

Studies in the fitness industry tell that by mid-March about 90% of people stop their exercise program and completely bring their gym attendance to a halt. Why does this happen? Why is it hard to keep up with physical activity? What prevents people from finishing what they start? How does one stay ‘motivated’ to keep on moving?

After 20+ years of being involved in the fitness industry I have witnessed both the tenacity of athletes in remaining consistent with their training programs as well as the search for elaborate justifications/excuses to stop training. The fact is that no matter what level of physical fitness you possess or in what situation you are in there is always something you can do to stay on track. Here are some ways you can use to say the course:

  1. Have a plan. You probably heard the expression saying you need to know where you are going or else you might end up somewhere else. That is exactly what happens when you do not sit down and draw a map of how you will reach your objectives. Every athlete that comes in to FJP Training receives a complimentary No Sweat Introduction (heres’ the link to schedule your own FREE NSI The best fitness studio in Winfield, Laredo – FJP Training) -where we draw a map of his/her objectives and see the route we are taking from point A to point B.
  2. Aim small. Miss small. Start with small goals and reach them one at a time. There is no clock ticking and everyone goes at his/her own pace. Remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
  3. Small battle wins. Celebrate those small wins-you go down one size on waistline, awesome, give yourself a high five! You made it to all your scheduled training sessions for the week, go out and celebrate that small win by adding a new useful piece of gear to your training wardrobe.
  4. Get help! You want to reach your fitness goals faster? Want to know be free of pain and prevent latent injuries? Hire a qualified Trainer! Look for a dependable fitness professional that will not only make you break a sweat or be your most loyal cheerleader but one that will take care of you and provide you with the specific training you need to reach your fitness goals as safely and as efficiently as possible. Do your research, ask questions, and do not hesitate to invest in quality training-remember that you are not buying price tags but quality of training which means quality of living.

Fitness is a daily need and keeping up with it is not always easy. However, you must remember that taking that first step is the start of the second one. Keep stepping forward, have some short breaks along the way, but never step back-you have already been there. The best version of you is on the making, you deserve to earn it!

Felipe de Jesus